We are revolutionizing work processes.

The InfonaApp is a versatile, intuitive AI-based business software, that helps you manage your business online.

We offer our customers an all-in-one AI-based CRM solution.
With our AI, businesses can automate and manage their workflows by learning how to best handle them.
The InfoApp is not only individually customizable for each industry and company with over 140+ apps, 
but it also significantly enhances efficiency in your workflow processes, contributing to cost reduction.

We guarantee that by using our AI-powered CRM system, you will become more efficient in the long run and achieve financial benefits.

Key Features

AI accounting

InfonaApp revolutionizes accounting by leveraging artificial intelligence to make the entire process more efficient and error-free. Keeping track of your finances has never been easier because InfonaApp utilizes advanced technologies to fully automate your accounting with AI support. Learn more about the future of accounting and simplify your life with our innovative app.

Three minutes

Welcome to the future of web design! With our groundbreaking AI technology, you can have a fully customized website created in just three minutes. Regardless of your industry or company, our AI ensures that not only the design but also the images and content are perfectly tailored to your needs. Experience the effortless way to create an impressive online presence and start designing your new website today.

EllaAI as an assistant

With InfonaApp, you not only get a revolutionary solution for your accounting and web design needs but also access to our integrated AppStore, which offers over 140 apps for virtually all industries. What sets them apart is that all these apps are AI-based and can communicate with each other. Whether you're in the healthcare industry, retail, education, or any other sector, our AI-powered applications provide you with efficiency and flexibility.

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Digitize your business with Infona

"Our CRM system, which is powered by AI, will help you save costs. We guarantee that you will spend less money by using our system."​

Our services do not require a long-term commitment to us. There are no contractual obligations, and you can cancel at any time at the end of the month.

Do you already have a CRM system?​
No problem - we will take over the porting of your data.

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Key facts about the InfonaApp

Simple. Uncomplicated. Infona.

The InfonaApp is a unique solution that can digitize and take your business to the next level. 
From managing customer behavior to purchasing and tracking all financial transactions, 
you can do everything in one place with the powerful AI
Thanks to its intuitive user interface and numerous expansion options, 
it is suitable for businesses of any size to digitize and increase productivity. 

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Once you have made a decision, we will do the onboarding with you and your employees.

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